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Policy Support and Governance
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The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development calls for bold, transformational change to achieve a world that is more inclusive, fair, sustainable and resilient – a world free of hunger and extreme poverty, a world that protects and promotes sustainable use of biodiversity and all natural resources for development, a world that is more just, a world at peace. The FAO Strategic Programme articulates a policy vision for the contribution of food and agriculture to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

This corporate Portal provides comprehensive access to FAO’s work in support of improved policy and governance. It provides access to FAO policy perspectives on many of the most important issues facing food and agriculture today. It also demonstrates how we actively contribute to, and help sustain, robust multi-stakeholder partnerships to mobilize the technical, policy and financial resources required by countries for policy success.

Bound to be always a work in progress, the Portal is the expression of the FAO community of policy practitioners, which includes hundreds of FAO policy practitioners worldwide.

Policy and Governance

The policy and governance support roles of FAO are distinct, but closely linked. Both contribute to the identification and resolution of major societal problems.

Policy engagement

FAO promotes, facilitates and supports evidence-based policy dialogue at the global, regional, and national levels. FAO is itself the world’s leading global forum for policy debate on the role of food and agriculture in fostering sustainable development. The FAO policy vision is shaped by our work at the national and regional levels. FAO Representatives and policy officers accompany Member countries as they prioritize policy challenges and explore ways to implement decisions and monitor their effectiveness. Our Strategic Framework and results matrix, like the SDGs, work bottom-up, from national to regional and global levels, to ensure national ownership.

Governance support

Governance at all levels is defined by the processes and structures through which public and private actors articulate their interests; identify, frame and prioritize issues; and make, implement, monitor, and enforce decisions. To find out more about this work please visit the Governance page.


FAO policy and governance work is developed through an extensive array of institutional partnerships with governments, regional organizations, parliaments, agricultural producers, the private sector, civil society, renowned technical experts, international organizations and financial institutions. The Policy Portal Mechanisms and Policy themes will help you discover how and with whom FAO works to strengthen national capacities for effective policy-making and governance.

Policy themes

Highlighted resources

Project Highlights

Strengthening food security and nutrition in South Asia

Publication date: 2019

Project Highlights

Safeguarding and disposal of obsolete pesticides in Eritrea

Publication date: 2019

Project Highlights

Promoting agribusiness development in Northern Belize

Publication date: 2019

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