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Statistical capacity development

Increasing countries’ capacity to collect and disseminate the most basic agricultural and rural statistics is essential in order to make the best analytical and decision-making support tools available both at national and global levels.

FAO works to enhance country capacity to design, monitor and evaluate policies and programmes to reduce hunger and poverty by strengthening national statistical institutions, developing the technical skills and competencies of national statisticians, and improving country methods for the collection, analysis, and dissemination of relevant and timely information.

Major FAO initiatives include

Agricultural market information system (AMIS) aims to enhance food market outlook information, by strengthening collaboration and dialogue among main producing, exporting and importing countries, commercial enterprises and international organizations.

CountrySTAT is a web-based information system for food and agriculture statistics at the national and sub-national levels. It provides decision-makers with access to statistics across thematic areas such as production, prices, trade and consumption and it supports analysis, informed policy-making and monitoring with the goal of eradicating poverty and hunger.

The FAO World Programme for the Census of Agriculture assists countries by providing guidelines to generate internationally comparable figures on variables defining the structure of agriculture, such as number and area of farms by size, number of livestock by type and age/sex classification, land tenure and land use, crops grown and agricultural inputs.

The Global Strategy to Improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics provides a methodological and governance framework to enable national statistical systems to improve the quality of their food and agricultural statistics. As a result, national governments will be able to develop and adopt evidence-based policies for food security, sustainable agriculture and rural development.

The Country Capacity Development on Forest Products Statistics programme conducts capacity development activities and training to improve and enhance the quality, reliability and efficiency of national forest products statistical systems. 

The Strategy for Improving Information on Status and Trends of Capture Fisheries is a voluntary instrument that applies to all States and entities to provide a framework, strategy and plan for the improvement of knowledge and understanding of fishery status and trends as a basis for fisheries policy-making and management for the conservation and sustainable use of fishery resources within ecosystems.